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Jun. 3rd, 2005 09:03 pm Moved to new location

I was doing a read through of some of my friends on here, n realized that I hadn't posted my new location. Not that anyone is 'way' interested or that I have much written or anything, but I'm Blogging over at http://wadehone.blogspot.com/ now.

I'll keep on reading here to keep up with buds and may jot down some thoughts every once n a while, but most of my updates will be at blogspot now.

Austa los tacos amigos.

Stepp1758 - Wade Hone.

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Jan. 6th, 2005 01:48 am First entry of 2005

Ok, my lat post was about defining my direction in life. I still have all those goals and want to head that way, alas, following dreams still requires that I bring in a little cash to keep a roof ore’ my head, and food in the fridge… ok, at least Food coming at me through the drive through at Carls jr’s.

It’s a new year, and money’s starting to run a bit thin sooo, it’s time to get serious about getting more of it in my hands I suppose. Los DetallesCollapse )

Oh and my buddies story tokek about the ATM envelope licking incident was hilarious. Check it out if you get the chance.

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Sep. 10th, 2004 07:12 pm Mission Statement for Wade Hone:

Mission Statement for Wade Hone:

My overall vision isn’t absolutely clear in every aspect yet, however, I have a good idea of what I want to do, and where I want to go. Knowing this much will allow me to clearly define and take the specific steps that will lead me in that direction. As I get closer to achieving my vision, I know it will become even more clear to me. As the vision clarifies, the achievement of it will become easy. I hold true that knowing exactly what one wants to achieve is 75 to 90 percent of actually achieving it.

That being my belief, if I’m not able to clearly define exactly what I want to achieve far down the road of my life, then at least I should define what it is that I wish to achieve as precise and exact as I can at this time.

The Guiding Star: (long range)

Change the way that laborers are rewarded. Make the result getters the recipients of the rewards in a very direct way. Change the view of society to look at jobs that pay a salary, or hourly wage as ‘second rate’. Make the premium jobs that the masses seek, be those that provide a reward based on results.

Move from the traditional role of the corporation to that of a vision provider. Were corporation becomes the entity that offers the work to a contractor / self employed based society of laborers. Executive positions would still exist but those positions would be easy to switch over to a rewards based on results structure, as they are almost their already.

Also, laborers would be much more involved in the ownership of stock in the corporations that they worked for.

Checkpoints: (mid range)

For this to ever work, then the structure needs to be created and tested. Training programs implemented, and companies structured around the reward based on results concept would need to work and be proven as not only viable, but more productive.

Intagoal = the training.

Level20 = the example companies.

The mid range goals or checkpoints will be to make successful the training company of Intagoal, and the Level20 corporation which will excel at both developing and distributing products and services using the principles of rewarding results that will be studied and learned via the Intagoal program.

Next Steps: (short range)


Create a study plan for the 4 th quarter of 2004 that includes completing the Macro media Flash MX book, the Dreamweaver MX 2004 (with ASP, coldfusion, and PHP) the MySQL book by Kofler and various online classes from Mind Leaders. Optional will be a course or two on Linux from the New Horizons online Library.

Talk with the advisor for the BS in Corporate Training program at ISU.

Complete that program while working on the objectives below.


A product or service needs to be chosen to sell.

A distribution method needs to be developed. (focus on an intranet based infrastructure.)

A method of rewards that will be attractive to sales reps. and inexpensive to the company needs to be developed.

Set up accounting. (Quick Books online ed.)

Keep this simple as your main focus will be education for the next few years.

Create a Business Plan.


Collaborate with Blaine and the Intagoal team to develop a training program for Level20. (hopefully much of what is developed for level20, can be used by Intagoal as a more general application.)

Present a plan to Blaine that includes options on how to reward those that help to develop the training for level20.

This should take you well into 2006 or 2007.

During those years, Intagoal should be profitable, proving comfortable incomes or additional incomes for the founders. Level 20 should also be providing a hearty income and supporting a sales force of at least 10 full time reps, at a 40 to 100K a year income, and at least 25 part time employees. (by the end of 2007)

At the completion of the degree, then Level 20 should be expanded and grown, it should try for growth records, and income achievements, so that the companies spawned by it will be come noticed, and recognized as successful. All Training will be directed at Intagoal. And the successes of the companies associated with Level20 will be designated as a success due to following the principles of rewarding results, specifically and minutely.

The above plan is a ruff draft and will be refined over the next few weeks.

Wade Hone, 9-10-2004

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Sep. 2nd, 2004 11:21 pm From Oregon with love.


I'm on the coast on vacation with my family havin a blast and I figured I ought to record this moment in my journal.

It has been a blast!

the ocean, the sea life, being close to my mother, father, and the families of my Brothers and sister. The weather hear has been absolutly AWESOME, and the ocean air just seems to clear all the clouds and cobwebs out of the attic of my brain.

bottom line, I'm lovin it!

so, here's some small pic's next time I post I will know to make them just a tich larger.

A Whale near the boat. A California SeaLion. (Newport Aquarium) Sunset off the Balcony where we are staying.

It's fun!

see you back home in Idaho soon.

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Jul. 24th, 2004 05:14 am Every man needs a purpose to live for.

Every man needs a purpose to live for. In most cases that need is fulfilled through mans ability to fall in love. For some, that is not enough, or the love that they unite themselves with is driven with a purpose her own, and will not allow the love relationship to fill the need for purpose in the man.

For others who can not, or will not explore that avenue, the need for purpose does not go away. Or perhaps the man has explored the avenue of love and found it lacking in its ability to satisfy his need for purpose in life. For those, it is required that they find a purpose to which they can dedicate their efforts. If they are unable to find such a purpose, they are doomed to a life of escapism, attempting to avoid the drive that pushes them to find purpose in living. This type of life may temporarily satisfy some men, however, if those men were to look deep into their hearts, they would find that there is something lacking from their lives. For most men, however, only temporary relief is found from the drive to find purpose in the distractions of the world that allow one to escape for a moment. Unfortunately, that does not mean that most men ever make any serious attempt at breaking free from escapism… But some do.

It is with this in mind that I sit down tonight to attempt to clearly define some of the purposes that I think would be worthy of filling the need for purpose in my life. In most cases, that purpose of life is filled for men by raising a family.

The section following this paragraph is written on a ‘personal’ level. In order to measure success, success must first be defined. That definition of success will be different for every person that draws breath. Success should be defined by each individual in accordance to that individuals values and the definition should be ratified by God. Once success has been defined by the individual, only then can the man seek to determine a worthy life purpose.

Some of the things that I would like to consider for the position of ‘life’s purpose’ are the following: (not in any particular order, priority will be decided at a later time.)

- Improving communication by way of seeking the underlying motives previous to, and during attempted communication.
- Improving quality of life by way of directly rewarding each result in the work place, and eliminating the ‘wage’ aspect of a job. Also encouraging people to seek employment doing things that they love to do. Also encouraging, at least at the base levels of employment, a ‘self employed’ approach where small mom and pop companies are the way of getting business done. Corporations would exist more to provide direction to the smaller more independent contractors, which would take the place of the general work force, and most of middle to upper management.
- Be an expert in developing communities that integrate to the maximum potential the technologies of super networks such as the internet.
- Online education. Bringing education to the masses of the world in a self paced extremely cheep extremely high quality and available to anyone format that would allow anyone with access to the internet, or a computer and some inexpensive data (that could be installed on computers with out internet access,) to attain a level of education that would be recognized as valid. Valid meaning that the education that could be attained in this manner, would hold as much weight as a bachelors degree would with employers, and society in general.

There, those things seem like worthy goals. Along with those goals I can toss in the personal ‘greed’ based goals of having money that would allow me to experience more of live, in the world that I live.

I will of course need to break these general objectives down into more achievable sections and map out my route to accomplishing these things.

Who knows, with luck and a bit of divine intervention (because it is doubtful that there will be any sort of ‘self intervention’,) I may even be able to incorporate the ‘love’ element into the equation and have the privilege of raising children as well.

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Jul. 5th, 2004 11:46 pm Thoughts on my family - inspired by 4th of july 2004


No writing for a long time from me!

Oh well, I just wanted a little thing here. I just got home form a few days out camping with my family. Uncles Aunts, cousins and more, all gathered together to celebrate the 4th of July, 2004, and pretty much to renew bonds of love and friendship.

I was reminded that it is from my family that I draw my spiritual strength. It seemed as though my entire Essence was re-invigorated by the brief time spent with them.

We had fun games, the atmosphere was laid back, and every one seemed to have a spirit of 'building each other up'. It was like a little safe-haven from the world, where so often I hear, and perhaps (if, I'm honest with myself,) participate in, remarks that will only break apart or tear down something or some one.

It was totally refreshing to be in a place where you didn't have to have your 'guard up' all the time. Not letting some one in to where they can strike at the emotional 'soft spots' was something that I could totally not worry about for the time spent with them.

The family isn't perfect, individual’s aren’t perfect, but there certainly was something there that just allowed me to come away refreshed and rejuvenated.

It is my wish that all people can find that thing that brings them emotional wellness. I know that 'family' can't always be relied on to be that source of rejuvenation. I won’t go into what I think the answers for where that can be found are at. What I do want to do here is recognize that I have a heart full of thanks that goes out to the individuals of the family that I'm in. Those individuals certainly are trying to make the family that I am a part of, one that is full of building blocks, and not wrecking balls. Being with them for that short time inspires me to do what I can to build up others, not only my family of flesh and blood, but also the familia humana to which I belong.


I was reading the journal of jillianann and found the following Quote from her that reminds me that my ‘whishes’ from above are nothing without actions to follow.

She said:

“remember dreams don’t happen without action
nothing happens without action
movement energy has to be put into motion
in order to see things happen.”

May I take those words to heart, those words, along with my fathers admonition to

“work hard son.”

Those words and ideas will aid me in rising to an active state, instead of a dormant one. Thank you.


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May. 12th, 2004 07:08 pm I'm Back on line! (from Idaho) & Experiance of the day's

I'll be brief today, but plan to be on more regular now.

I'm going for a new approach to my LJ, I was inspired by jillianann by something She wrote in her post.

Here is JillianAnn's Quote that got my attention:


"i dont care about whats wrong
i care about what helps
i dont care about what people do wrong
i care about change
i dont believe anyone is stupid
i believe some just are not lucky enough to have good teachers
i dont believe i am better then anyone else
i just listen and seek
i dont believe we can help anyone
by putting them down
i dont believe ranting about how bad the system is
will help change it
i dont believe that i can effect anyone
by saying they suck and are wrong
i dont believe the way to fight a battle
is to attack the people your trying to save
so my focus from now on
is not whats wrong
but how can we change it"

by - JillianAnn

That got me to thinking about EOD's. (Experience of the Day)'s

read more about EOD'sCollapse )

...So, I'll be focusing on writing one thing here each day that is sort of a 'highlight' for the day.

PS - Qwest finally did it! they got me on line and I'm Cruisin fast on my DSL connection!!

I've missed the LJ community!! I look forward to reading all your posts for the last few weeks while I have been internet-less.


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May. 5th, 2004 11:25 am Hello From Boise ID

Hello LJ world,

I have been in the proccess of moving to Idaho From Los Angeless. The Move day was CRAZY! A) Uhaul said they would have a Truck for me at 9AM and they didn't have it till 4 PM the day prior to move day.

On the day I moved, I got up from a nap at 9:22pm, Packed and cleaned till 5:22 am at wich time I departed to LA. I Drove straight through, just stopping for Gass, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew. I arrived at the apt. at 11:45, at which time I signed the lease, got a key, opened my door, through a pillow on the floor and Crashed.

That hard Floor, was as comphortalbe as a Feather Bed that first night.

Since then, I have been unpacking, (I had lots of help getting the stuff outta my truck so that went Fast! I felt like a fool for not having taken my buddies up on their offers to help me load the truck... it would hae been so much smoother.)

Any way, the place is a bit bigger than where I moved from (an extra Bed room, and a bigger living room area) It costs half as much, and it's closer to Family. so I'm happy.

hmmm, oh, ya, I'm sitting in the parking lot of Comfort inn where they offer free wireless internet... I imagine that it's for the paying customers... but um.. well... I paid one time so I figure that will cover me at least untill I get internet hooked up in my house. (Schedualed for next Monday.)

ok, there is an update for now. I'll wrte a bit more (and I'll look up and use the -cut- tag next time,) when I get internet hooked up in mi casa.


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Apr. 12th, 2004 01:53 pm Hello E-World

Wow! I never knew that I would be such a 'slacker' in the realm of the 'electronic world' if my laptop was ever taken away!!!

But surprise surprise, I guess that I was.

Anyway, Problem solved, as my new laptop arrived and I am pretty stoked to get it set up.

Broad Band Internet should be going into my new place (in Boise,) where I am moving. As long as I have Broad Band internet, I will feel that it is 'safe' to go ahead and move in... I find it odd that I'm actually going to have DSL installed and working before I ever move in...

OK, I'm in Idaho Visiting Relatives and prepping for my move later this month. I'm also setting up my new laptop 'yea'.

That’s pretty much my news... I'll try to most more to go over my 'post AT&T job' activities and keep my journal updated with what I will be doing to 'bring home the bacon' per say. It should be quite the exciting road, as I have decided, that never want to 'work for some one' again in my life... well, better phrased would be that I want to be 'self employed' again, since Self Employed folk probably work for the most amount of people ever... the customer.

ok, Tons to do still, I did feel bad for not getting on here to comment on other entries that have been made, or make an entry of my own.

Some day soon I'll make some time and go catch up on the news that I have missed.


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Mar. 10th, 2004 06:20 pm Tonight was a good night.

Ya know, it wasn't planned by me to do this, but over the last hour and a half, I have spoken to my whole immediate family. And it was very good. Details Found HereCollapse )

Thanks for sharing this moment of 'familial bliss' with me... To top this evening off, I am going to walk to the market, (My Car is in the shop... finally...) and I'm going to buy me a Gallon of Milk, and a Big Chocolate Cake, which I will partake of generously.

Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Current Music: Celtic - Folk

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